A newly created mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease will be available soon.  This expresses the two strongest genetic risk factors for late-onset AD: the human APOE4 allele and a knock-in of the R47H allele into the mouse Trem2 locus.

This has not been fully characterized yet, we are aging cohorts to be phenotyped as of April 2017.

This model is now available to register interest; doing so will allow you to place your order as soon as possible, and will enable JAX to scale the distribution colony to meet the demand. This can be done from the strain data sheet.


  1. To make this model interesting your probably need to have also an apoE3/3 Trem2 comparator

    1. Thanks for the comment. We are in the process of making both an APOE3 and APOE2 variants to be used as controls. The APOE3 variant will be available soon.

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